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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only scan enabled git repositories

No, you can scan all repositories which are part of your account.

Does the CLI work for on-premise deployments

Yes, you just need to set the API host environment variable:

GUARDRAILS_API_HOST if set, will replace the API host (defaults to


guardrails scan
GUARDRAILS_API_HOST= guardrails scan

Does the CLI work only with GitHub

No, the CLI works with all the git providers supported by GuardRails: GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. See getting started with GuardRails here.

How can I check which CLI version I'm using

You can run guardrails version to view your current CLI build version.

How can I see all the commands I can use with the CLI

You can run guardrails help to view all commands and options available including authentication, formatting and more.