Getting Started


Hello there and a very warm welcome! We are thrilled that you are joining our rapidly growing user base.

GuardRails is all about providing a great Developer Experience. Please reach out and let us know if there is anything to make the experience even better. Tweet at us @guardrailsio, email us at, or open a ticket in our support portal.

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It's simple, all you need is:

  • a GitHub Account
  • the permissions to install GitHub applications


Start by navigating to the GuardRails GitHub Application and clicking the install button.

Install GuardRails GitHub App

Next, you can choose which repositories you want to have covered by GuardRails. We recommend starting with one repository at the time.

Choose the repositories that you want to verify

Click "Install" again to complete the setup.

Now that GuardRails is installed, our bot will open a GitHub issue on all previously selected repositories. The issue will contain all detected security issues.

An initial GuardRails issue looks like this:

Example GuardRails initial issue

From now on, GuardRails will scan your repository every time a Pull Request is created. The results of the security scan are shown as a comment of that PR.

Example GuardRails PR Comment

We would love to hear your feedback on GuardRails. Tweet at us @guardrailsio, email us at, or open a ticket in our support portal.